Since 1985, Virginia Ground Covers has been committed to bringing you high-quality products at low prices. We offer a large assortment of materials for all yard, landscaping, farming, and gardening needs. Whether it's straw or firewood, we carry it all.

Mulches Mulches
Double Shredded Mulch, Single Shredded Mulch, Premium Oak Bark Mulch, Karbon Mulch, Brown Mt. Top Colored Mulch, Black Mt. Top Colored Mulch, Red Mt. Top Colored Mulch, Mini Nuggets
Playground Coverings Playground Coverings
Wood Carpet Mulch, Woodchips
Soils Topsoil and Soil Mixes
Topsoil, Screened Topsoil, Topsoil/Compost Mix, Topsoil/Compro Mix, Fill Dirt/Unscreened Topsoil, Shredded Clay
Soil EnhancersSoil Enhancers
Compost, Compro Substitute, Pine Fines
Sand Sands
Brown Concrete Sand, Yellow Mortar Sand, White Sand
Decorative Gravel Decorative Gravel
Delaware River 3/8, Delaware River 3/4, Delaware River 1-3, Delaware River 5-7, White Gravel ¾-1, Multicolored Gravel 3/4-1, Oversize Beige Wash Gravel 3-5, Beige Wash Gravel 1-2, Beige Wash Gravel (3/4), Pea Gravel 3/8
Construction Stones Construction Stones
Stone Dust, #57 Blue Stone, #21A Blue Stone, #3 Blue Stone, #8 Blue Stone
Straw Straw
Baled Straw
Bagged Products Bagged Products
Cedar Mulch, Double Shredded Hardwood Mulch, Pine Bark Mulch, Mini Pine Nuggets, Topsoil, Potting Soil, Play Sand, White Stone, Red Mt. Colored Mulch, Black Mt. Colored Mulch, Brown Mt. Colored Mulch