Frequently Asked Questions

How do we sell materials?
By the cubic yard.
Do we do custom mixes?
Yes. However, our sales associate may recommend an alternative mix depending on your application.
Do we have pictures of the material on the website?
Absolutely! Take a look at our products pages for more details.
Can you tell me how many cubic yards?
100 sq. ft, 2"-3" deep = 1 cubic yard.
Do we spread our material?
Sorry, at this time we don't provide any spreading or installation service.
Can we pick-up as well as delivery?
Absolutely. There's a 1 yard minimum for pickup.
Is there a minimum for delivery?
Yes, it depends on the material you are buying and your location. Please visit our delivery page or ask our sales associates for the exact amount.
Is there free delivery?
Sorry, we do not offer free delivery. We'd rather keep our prices low instead.
Can we pay the driver or do you accept credit cards?
You can pay the driver with cash or check or by credit card over the phone, either way will work for us.
Do you get a discount for larger quantities ordered?
Yes, the discount varies based on the material and the amount ordered. Our sales associates can provide you with more details.
Can you recommend someone who will do the landscape?
Yes, we can provide names of landscaping companies who serve your area.
Do we carry any other products?
Yes, firewood by the full-cord and half-cord. Please contact our office for pricing for your area.
Virginia Ground Cover photo